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In the year 2020, when the world expected a year of clarity regarding purpose, passion and overall life goals, things took a twisted turn. Obviously, the year did not pan out to be what we all hoped for. Though in some strange way, people found their way toward a clear 2020 vision over their lives. As the year comes to a close, we wanted to award the individuals who have taken full advantage of these challenging times. People across the globe have spent over 10 months inside their homes, stuck to their phone screens switching from one platform to the next. Meanwhile, these digital creators made the best of 2020.

Now, we present the Quarantine Awards to the most vibrant and entertaining creators of the year (in no particular order):

1. Yung BBQ

Lex is a young choreographer, dancer and creator to watch out for. Her viral dancing videos in the middle of her neighborhood streets were one of the highlights of the year. Lex has such an infectious spirit that you can literally feel through your phone screen. She turned her passion for dancing and entertaining her followers into huge brand deals with Netflix’s Strong Black Lead, Footaction, and The Soul Train Awards! Lex, also known as, the infamous Yung BBQ even landed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list this year.

2. Swizz Beats & Timbaland

Legendary producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland need no introduction. They have crafted hits for all of your favorite musicians, but one their biggest contributions to date came in the form of a live Instagram battle for producers entitled Verzuz. The platform grew immensely throughout 2020 while fans anticipated and even manifested artists and producers who would battle on the next Verzuz. Soon after simply joining on Instagram live, the two producers landed a deal with Apple Music and Ciroc to make the live battles even more entertaining. Our favorite part is that history has been made over and over again with battles from Gucci Mane vs. Jeezy and Brandy vs. Monica. No one imagined these experiences to take place, but Swizz and Timb made it happen.

3. Saweetie

The Icy Queen has given us the iciest content all year. From her Birkin bag skits, which literally featured her several Birkin bags, to her Icy University lessons, Saweetie has dominated with very entertaining content to support her artist career. She invited fans into her world by introducing them to her interests and even sharing some of her beauty secrets. Artists are urged to be more than just the artist, and Saweetie proves how beneficial it is to create content that allows fans a first look into her world and ultimately what grew her platform even more.

4. Elsa Majimbo

All is took for this young creator was a pair of inconspicuous shades, her hair in two strand twists, and a close up of her reading followers for filth to keep the timeline entertained through quarantine. Elsa Majimbo has posted several videos that have gone viral expressing many of the relatable thoughts we only say in our heads. She is now getting recognition for simply being herself online. It’s been a pleasure to watch and her contagious laugh certainly has helped us get through a tiresome year.

5. D-Nice

D-Nice really won with Club Quarantine. He is a well known dj, producer, rapper and music executive, and now one of 2020’s biggest heroes. D-Nice would spend countless hours on Instagram live dj’ing while people were at home. He was really this year’s savior for a lot of people who found joy in his entertaining mixes. Since then, he has been awarded by TIME magazine, CNN’s Heroes, and Billboards Top 5 Livers list. D-Nice deserves all of his flowers for his many contributions to 2020 during one of the most difficult times of our lives.

6. Travis Scott

Travis Scott is winning more than top-charting hits on Billboard this year. The Houston rapper has transcended the music industry with some of the biggest partnerships we’ve seen from artists in years, and all of this has been achieved in a global pandemic. One would say striking deals with Nike, PlayStation, McDonalds and Fortnite during a pandemic is pretty insane, but the rapper has not let up. Congratulations are in order for Mr. Scott as he was also listed in Forbes 30 Under 30.

7. Tabitha Brown

An aspiring actress and loving mother to her children, Tabitha Brown began releasing vegan cooking videos during quarantine which led to so many opportunities. She garnered thousands of followers, and eventually an award from the Streamys. Tabitha Brown’s southern charm and genuine demeanor has landed her modeling opportunities and partnerships beyond her wildest dreams. It’s really amazing to see kind hearted people like Tabitha Brown win using social media while promoting a healthy lifestyle and uplifting and motivating her community.

8. Coco Jones

After sharing videos on TikTok of her mesmerizing vocals, this young creator quickly rose to social media fame. Coco Jones took advantage of a time when people had nothing better to do but scroll on the Internet by posting countless videos of her singing. Now, she has debuted her project Hollyweird and is receiving lots of love across her social media platforms for both her beauty and her vocals.

9. The 85 South Show

The 85 South Show is comprised of three comedians: @dcyoungfly @karlousm and @chicobean. They refer to themselves as the new kings of comedy. The podcast live show has been at it for awhile now, but it seems the time at home in quarantine has pushed the platform to greater heights with over 1 million followers to show for it. These three new leaders in comedy have continued to entertain the masses through troubled times when the world has needed laughter and joy most. Kudos to these southern men and their hilarious banter.

10. Jimir Reece Davis

We mentioned this young creator on a previous article where he was gifted a new laptop from Oprah. Jimir Reece Davis, known as @theofficialamorphous on Instagram, is a filmmaker and producer who shared his mixes to social media blending old and new songs that fans are still obsessing over. Simply sharing one of his many pastimes completely changed his life. Now, he is creating and enjoying the work he’s been putting in for majority of his life.

All of these creatives have fully benefited from a seemingly dreadful year, which brings us to an important takeaway from 2020. Even in the midst of a storm, life can be rewarding if we work to change our perspectives. These dynamic creators continued to have an abundant mindset sowing seeds by sharing their gifts with the world despite the uncontrollable thrown their way. Now as we wrap up a crazy year, they are enjoying their harvest with fruits fully bloomed and a harvest that continues to nourish both their pockets and their souls. Congrats to the first (and hopefully last) recipients of our 2020 Quarantine Awards!