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Sometimes we don’t always get what we want for the holidays and that is okay, because the true reason for the season is sharing moments with loved ones and giving what you can. Gifts are another thoughtful way to show the people you love just how much you care and how you listened throughout the year. As much as we might hope that every loved one could be thoughtful and considerate of our desires when gift giving that is simply unrealistic. Often times, loved ones gift what they want you to have and not what you may want. And in the words of Shannon Sharpe, “that ain’t no problem. That ain’t no problem.” Regifting is an option for those gifts you simply have no use for, and it just so happens to be National Regifting Day!

Check out these 5 simple rules to regifting this holiday season:

1. Don’t Regift Handmade or Meaningful Gifts

If your niece or small child gifted you a handmade bracelet, it would be cruel to give that away. Fortunately for the craftsman who handmade your gift, there are no gift receipts included. Though it may not be what you wanted, the thought of someone taking a bit of extra time to make a gift for you is purely kind and of good intention. We believe it’s a good idea to keep handmade items and acknowledge the time and effort that went into creating a special gift for you.

The same token applies to meaningful gifts. If your best friend reminds you about how much time they spent finding and purchasing something, don’t ignore their effort by regifting to someone else. That is just rude. Even if you don’t need it, keep it in plain sight as a wonderful reminder of how much that person truly cares about you.

2. Regift New Items 

Regifting is already not the most considerate gesture so avoid regifting used items. Be sure that if you choose to regift someone with a gift that it is something you have not opened or used. Regifting used items is just bad regifting etiquette.

Be sure the items you are regifting look like new and are neatly in the original packaging. Now, if you have opened a gift or used it you can still give it away but not as a gift. Your only options are to keep, sell or donate the item.

3. Regift In A Different Friend Group

This seems like a pretty obvious rule of thumb when it comes to regifting, but if you are new to this entire thing we will let it slide this time. If you are regifting an item, be sure to do so in another friend group. It would be awful for the gifter to learn through a mutual friend that they just received a thoughtful regifted gift from you.

Be sure there’s absolutely no way the original gift giver could discover you regifted their item. You avoid hurting feelings and the gift is safe in someone else’s arms. Otherwise, save that unwanted gift away until you thoughtfully find a new recipient.

4. Speaking of Thoughtfulness 

Be thoughtful and intentional in your process of regifting. Don’t get rid of an item because you can’t think of a new gift idea for the person who may have everything. Regift when you think of the ideal person to give to someone you care for.

5. Show No Signs of a Regift

Though  a gift may appear brand new and in its original packaging as we mentioned in rule number 2, you could inadvertently leave signs that you’ve indeed regifted. Since regifting is already a touchy subject, this can complicate the regifting process even if the person really loves the gift. Be sure to remove all signs that you were the original recipient.

Things to check for are leftover wrapping paper if it was a Christmas gift, leftover tape, signs the box was previously opened, the original card or gift tag, a name written on the packaging, and of course any personalization.

We hope these five simple rules to regifting makes your gift giving a breeze this season if you choose to get rid of those unwanted items. Though some people may find regifting to be in poor taste, it is wasteful to throw out gifts  we may never use or allow undesirable gifts from loved ones to collect dust. Happy Regifting Day! Don’t get caught up.

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