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Spreading the joy

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If you are still unsure of what you are gifting family and friends this holiday season, look no further. It’s been a trying year for us all, and the year is flying by. The holidays will be here before you know it so it’s time to find something thoughtful to gift your loved ones this season. It also isn’t the safest to go out holiday shopping, so we found a shop that you can surf safely at your computer.

There’s this cool Hip Hop greeting card business that we recently discovered just in time for the holidays. Greet Street offers some of the most fun and innovative greeting cards to perfectly express what you’re feeling for that special someone. The company released some special holiday greeting cards that have us reminiscing on scenes from our favorite shows, films and classic pop culture moments.

Check out some of our favorites:


1. An Ode To Tommy Lister As Deebo

Source:Greet Street

Recently losing another legend like Tommy Lister, this one hurts to share but surely this greeting card will give your loved ones something to smile about. 

2. For The ‘Martin’ Lover

Source:Greet Street

Is that you playa? This card brings us joy this holiday season from the classic television series, Martin

3. Wishing The Hotties A Cheerful Holiday Season

Source:Greet Street

Gift your favorite hottie this holiday with this cute greeting card. It’s super fun and festive showing Megan Thee Stallion riding a reindeer. Sleigh! 

4. Pinky Has The Perfect Greeting

Source:Greet Street

Pinky came bearing gifts with an Ace of Spades bottle and boxes in hand. Get ready for holidays with this greeting card and make sure you slip a little extra token of appreciation inside. 

5. Fight The Power Even During The Holidays

Source:Greet Street

Inspired by the film CB4, here’s a young Allen Payne with his fist up dreaming of a Blackity Black Christmas. This would make for a great Kwanza greeting card as well.