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Tierra Whack x Unemployed

Source: Interscope Records / Interscope

Tierra Whack is a talent far beyond her music. The Philadelphia artist has created a series of animated characters in social media videos that light up the timeline. Whack began unveiling her characters on Instagram a few years ago but most recently with call girl, “Courtney Casserole over at Comcast Cable,” which received a lot of attention on social media. Tierra is not new to acting as she appeared on the FX comedy Dave starring rapper Lil Dicky. The 2019 XXL Freshman has consistently kept the world entertained by her impressive freestyles and stylish one-of-a-kind fits. Now, a host of vibrant characters to showcase more of her other talents like comedic acting. Here are a few of our favorite Tierra Whack characters keeping the timeline highly satisfied with the most entertaining videos.

It’s the sweater tied around the neck and blonde wig awfully placed on her head that makes Courtney Casserole over at Comcast Cable a sight to see.

Can you imagine calling the 911 Emergency line and reaching Tierra Whack? “Okay, can you please stop crying? It can’t be that serious.” Like, ma’am I’m dying.

New wig! Let’s meet Latonya at UPS. It’s the voiceover from the customer in this video who clapbacks with the most relatable response.

She nails it with Tracy Morgan at Bank of America. The key to her hilarious videos are the voiceovers and spot on facial expressions. We wonder if Tierra Whack was a call center girl at some point in her life.

The creativity is overflowing in this take on her newest character “Angel short for Angelique.” She has the full costume with wings, halo, a white wig and all white when she’s feeling Godly. The white mesh undershirt detailing is the icing on top of a heavenly call girl look.

Lastly, meet Tre the Trainer at Planet Fitness. He is high energy like most personal trainers. In this video, Tre attempts to help transform a potential customer into a healthier lifestyle with absolutely no luck. Where does Whack find these fits, wigs and facial hair? We’re thoroughly entertained that is for certain.

That is all for now. We hope to discover more characters from the talented rapper soon, and we are hopeful that she will continue to share videos like these to her Instagram profile in the near future. These videos are keeping her fans glued to the screen until she decides to bless the world with new music. We will keep you updated on the latest from the entertainer.

Thanks Tierra Whack for your many talents!