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It’s Justin Hartley’s 44th birthday!

Best known for playing Oliver Queen in The CW series Smallville and Kevin Pearson in award-winning NBC drama This Is Us, fans have fallen in love with the intricate characters the famed actor chooses to portray. In This Is Us, Hartley plays one of the Big 3, opposite Sterling K. Brown and Chrissy Metz. His character, Kevin, is insecure about his standing in his own family (and in the world, at large), jealous while also extremely supportive, heartbroken over his first love, in mourning after his on-screen father’s death, and battling alcoholism. There are moments where you’ll think you hate Kevin Pearson, for sure — but mostly, you relate to him and pray he’ll undergo some sort of breakthrough.

In real life — well, at least the parts he’s shared with fans — Hartley couldn’t be cuddlier. His Instagram stars his daughter, dogs, and hilarious shots aimed at Sterling K. Brown. For example:

Today, we are taking some time to show Hartley some love and you should too. More of his best below…

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The Big 3 in the most adorable moment for The Hollywood Reporter.

Every day is #NationalDogDay when you’re Justin Hartley.

Look at that award-winning smile.

This is love.

Spending time with his baby girl, Isabella.


Behind-the-scenes on the set of This Is Us.

Getting his vegan on.

He’s got to keep himself entertained somehow. Hehe.

More kisses!

A great dad.

A great friend.

Happy Birthday!

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