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Head inside for more information about the series' final season.

Head inside for extremely adorable photos of the 'This Is Us' star.

Head inside to see what creator Dan Fogelman has to say.

The 'This Is Us' season finale is almost here, plus the Smith family calls an emergency Coronavirus meeting; watch inside.

A good samaritan posted these half-naked pics of This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown. Apparently, no one realized he has the body of the god… Good Sunday, amirite?

Are you ready? We’re not. For almost two seasons Jack Pearson’s tragic fate evaded This Is Us fans, but now we pretty much know how he dies—in a fire the night of Super Bowl Sunday, started by an old crockpot that his neighbor gave him. Even though we’ve been warned, we know it’ll be too […]

Get ready to cry real crocodile tears, 'This Is Us' junkies. Season 2 of the heartbreaking series premieres tomorrow night on NBC.