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The Angry Birds Movie 2 is about to hit theaters everywhere on August 14th and on this week’s episode of Extra Butter with Xilla Valentine we have a special guest host, Kayla Nicole who sits with Sterling K Brown, Jason Sudeikis and Rachel Bloom to discuss the animated film. In an extremely entertaining interview, Kayla and Sterling discuss how everyone has a little bit of Angry Bird in them that turns into a conversation about small portions at fancy restaurants. Their conversation quickly goes into the importance of keeping your friends close but your enemies closer before Sterling finally teaches Kayla Nicole how to twerk on camera. Spoiler its all in the “butt back.”

Next you’ll see a clip of from The Angry Birds Movie 2 from the hilarious dance battle sequence before you can watch the interview with Jason Sudeikis and Rachel Bloom who start off geeking out over sneaker culture and then Jason breaks down ManSplaining and why men feel the need to do it, before Rachel shares a story of the time she confronted a bully she used to work with in the past. A story that’s a little deep for a movie about Angry Birds but one that everyone needs to hear. As she explains that sometimes you’ll find yourself in a situation where your bully is just as scared as you are. Rachel shared, “We were both just two scared young people. It was really interesting to confront a bully in a compassionate way and once you see someone’s humanity you can’t hate them, but you also realize it’s all for show, everyone is scared.”

Check out this episode of Extra Butter.