When you think of confident actresses in Hollywood, Gabourey Sidibe‘s name is bound to come up. The star has managed to maintain a successful acting career since her 2009 debut in Lee Daniels‘ Precious. But the girl who everyone thought was so sure of herself was secretly battling her own demons. According to various reports, […]


A California high school student is facing battery charges after he was recorded fighting his partially blind classmate, NBC News reports. The fight occurred Wednesday at Huntington…

https://instagram.com/p/4En0khMw8z/?taken-by=kylizzlesnapchats With Kris Jenner and the Kardashians deciding to give reality TV a go in 2007, a then nine-year-old Kylie Jenner was thrown into the entertainment industry and, when you think about it, given no choice in whether or not she played the fame game. Now a teenager, Kylie seems to be struggling with growing […]

A California dad followed his 9-year-old autistic son onto a school bus and attacked a student identified as his child’s bully. Burnis Hurd, 44, is now being charged with felony child abuse and corporal injury to a child. “The father grabbed the 11-year old by the hair, pulled hard and raised the child out of his seat, then shoved […]

About time! On Tuesday, a task force appointed by the White House will announce recommendations to combat rape and sexual assault on college campuses. The force has identified that students are reluctant to report assaults due to a lack of confidentiality. A fact sheet released by the White House also showed that victims choose not […]

So this happened. Dozens of parents and students outside of an Arkansas school were involved in a mass brawl after a father confronted a mother about his bullied son. The fight, which took place on February 19, was captured on security cameras in the school parking lot (see above). According to the Daily Mail: The […]

Today in “Stories From Florida” we have a Florida city so corrupt that state officials are trying to abolish it (I mean, the mayor was just recently arrested for selling oxycodone) and a proposed bill that would jail bullies for a year, but leave the George Zimmerman’s of the world free. The Little Corrupt City […]

An 11-year-old fan of “My Little Pony” is in the hospital after attempting suicide because he was being bullied for liking the iconic cartoon and toys. The mother of Michael Morones walked in just in time, but oxygen to his brain had been cut off after his attempt at hanging himself, leaving the boy in […]

Looks like everyone wasn’t touched by Coca-Cola’s diverse Super Bowl commercial. After Coke aired the ad, featuring “America The Beautiful” sung in different languages, the company received major backlash from some viewers who felt that it was “very un-American.” Ironic, no? The Twitter hashtag #BoycottCoke was created, and much like the Cheerios ad on interracial couples, […]

Here’s a tearjerker for today. A group of young boys from Williams Intermediate School in Bridgewater, Massachusetts weren’t very happy that one of their own was being bullied. So instead of fighting teasing with more teasing, the boys did the unthinkable and expressed their appreciation and support for their friend, 6-year-old Danny Keefe, by naming […]