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Here’s a tearjerker for today.

A group of young boys from Williams Intermediate School in Bridgewater, Massachusetts weren’t very happy that one of their own was being bullied.

So instead of fighting teasing with more teasing, the boys did the unthinkable and expressed their appreciation and support for their friend, 6-year-old Danny Keefe, by naming an entire day after him. Keefe was being picked on at school due to his speech. He suffers from apraxia, a speech disorder, and even battled a brain hemorrhage earlier in life.

They called themselves the Band of Brothers and they “suited up” for little Danny, who, as the waterboy for the Bridgewater Badgers D5 PeeWee football team, dresses in a suit and tie everyday.

They even created “Danny Appreciation Day,” to honor the young boy.

“We all dressed up in suits and sponsored Danny because he’s been getting picked on bad at recess and we didn’t like that because he’s a band of brothers for us and he’s a good friend for us and we don’t want to see him getting picked on,” a friend of Danny’s said.

We just…we can’t. Where is the Kleenex?

SOURCE: MyFoxBoston