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So this happened.

Dozens of parents and students outside of an Arkansas school were involved in a mass brawl after a father confronted a mother about his bullied son.

The fight, which took place on February 19, was captured on security cameras in the school parking lot (see above).

According to the Daily Mail:

The father, who claims his son was the victim of repeated bullying at Bryant High School, said he had arranged to meet with the accused bully’s mother to discuss the matter.

But according to a court affadavit, the woman arrived with a group with family and friends.

The situation quickly descended into chaos as rival parents and children exchanged punches and threw weapons at one another, it is claimed.

According to a witness at the scene, the fight only ended after someone fired shots. But when police arrived, none of the participants would talk and no arrests were made. Later, the prosecutors’ office obtained a two-party warrant on the case, which means the parents involved must appear in court.

Saline County Sheriff’s Lt. Scott Courtney told “We attempted to speak with a couple of people and no one wanted to talk to us about the incident. Our involvement in this is pretty much wrapped up since the two parties involved in this are going to court and this is in the judicial system.”

You can watch the ridiculous melee above.

SOURCE: Daily Mail | VIDEO SOURCE: YouTube

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