I went to Maui, Hawaii to sit down with three of the stars from the film - Maya Rudolph, Josh Gad and Jason Sudeikis - to find out a little about how they made the movie.

If you’ve spent countless hours playing Angry Birds, don’t worry, you’re alone. The game was the most downloaded game in 2011 with 700 million downloads and counting, but with so many fans, one of them was bound to create a startling innovation. Behold, the mbed USB Slingshot for Angry Birds! With this digital slingshot you […]

Lots of celebrity couples have posed for photo shoots together. While it didn’t save the relationship for some (Reggie and Kim Kardashian), it’s acting as huge publicity for others (Brangelina). We rounded up some of our favorite shoots including the birthday girl, Kim Kardashian (happy birthday!) and Reggie’s steamy shoot. Take a look at these […]

Here in New York, the weather is finally beginning to feel a little more like fall. After a long hot and humid summer, the change in seasons is a welcome one. The trees start to turn beautiful colors of red and yellow, you can finally put on that new scarf or pair of boots and […]


If you’ve listened to the Lil’ Wayne ft. Gudda Gudda ‘I Dont Like the Look of It’ track you might notice some famility sounds and voices coming from the background of the song. That’s probably because you’ve watched Willy Wonka as a child. Take a listen here to refresh your memory: This isn’t the first […]

Lady Gaga‘s raw meat outfit at the VMAs, I’m a little hesitant to take a wiff. Though, I highly doubt she smells like a meat market. The pop sensation’s very first perfume is said to drop in 2012. The name of her perfume? Monster – a name that she often refers to when she speaks […]


There’s nothing like a great band where every member contributes their own unique personality and talent for the greater good of the group.  But many bands breed artists who go off on their own and sometime make a name for themselves, reaching a greater success than even the band itself. Sometimes a band breaks up, […]

Having a baby is one of the greatest gifts in life and if you can look great while doing it then that makes it even better! These women looked gorgeous while carrying their babies and worked extra hard to get their amazing bodies back and drop the baby weight afterwards. Check out these photos of […]


Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B  brand is a favorite amongst many! But it seems like Kim Kardashian is a huge fan, considering she has been photographed in the Zayn bootie on several accounts. With the weather tapering off from the sweltering heat, there’s a few weeks left to rock these hot booties/sandalls. On the fence on exactly […]

If touring the world as a Grammy Award winning rock band, starting her own clothing line, and successfully venturing into a solo career wasn’t enough, hopefully this one takes the cake. Gwen Stefani has been immortalized in her very own wax figure at Madame Tussauds yesterday (September 22) in Las Vegas. The figure reportedly cost […]