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If you’ve listened to the Lil’ Wayne ft. Gudda Gudda ‘I Dont Like the Look of It’ track you might notice some famility sounds and voices coming from the background of the song. That’s probably because you’ve watched Willy Wonka as a child. Take a listen here to refresh your memory:

This isn’t the first song that has sampled the music or lyrics from a song usually sung by a small child. Some you may have realized, some you may have not and most of the time it has nothing to do with the lyrics.

Up next you’ll get to CHECK OUT SIX other songs that take a dip into the kiddy pool.

‘Take it Off’ vs.The Streets of Cairo, or the Poor Little Country Maid

It’s a well-known melody in the United States. Alternate titles for children’s songs using this melody include ‘The Girls in France’ and ‘The Southern Part of France.’ The lyrics sometimes go like this: 
Oh the girls in France
Wear their whiskers in their pants
And the things they do
Would kill a Russian Jew

and somtimes:
There’s a place in France where the naked ladies dance.
With their long blond hair and the boobies in the air.
There’s a hole in the wall where the men can see it all.
The way they shake is enough to kill a snake.

and other times:


Gwen Stefani ‘Wind it Up’ vs. Sound Of Music ‘High on a Hill

High on a hill was a lonely goatherd
Lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo
Loud was the voice of the lonely goatherd
Lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo

Gwen Stefani can’t quite pull off the Lay ee odly lay ee odly lay hee hoo as well as Julie Andrews in the Sound of Music. The younger generation might have missed this reference to The Sound of Music but now you know.

You have just been learned:


Ghostface Killah – ‘Daytona 500’ vs. Speedracer

Go SpeedRacer Go! It was only a matter of time before a rapper jumped onto the speedway with the Speed

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