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Lady Gaga attends the National Board of Review Gala

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Do the beautiful Gemma Chan and her Crazy Rich Asians costar Constance Wu have beef?

Chan was recently caught out there “liking” a tweet that said some shady isht about Wu, but she swears it was an “accidental like.” From Page Six:

Chan, who starred in “Crazy Rich Asians” alongside Wu, liked a tweet that called out Wu for being “rude, petty” and “mean-spirited” after Wu made negative comments about her own show’s sixth-season renewal. “3. Constance Wu’s conduct today comes as no surprise to anyone who has worked with her in recent years,” read the tweet, which has since been deleted. “She has a reputation for being rude, petty, mean-spirited, and ungrateful.”

But on Saturday, Chan said she didn’t click “like” purposely….

As for why Constance Wu reacted to the renewal of Fresh Off The Boat the way she did, it seems there was another project she wanted to work on.

“I was disappointed in not being able to do that other project–Because that other project would have challenged me as an artist–that other project would have been really hard and not easy or pleasant at all,” she wrote in part.

See her full explanation above.

25th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Press Room

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This isn’t exactly a surprise, but we’re celebrating anyway! This Is Us has been renewed for three more seasons, per an announcement made by NBC over the weekend.

“Three years ago, we were live tweeting the premiere of our TV show, hoping someone, anyone might watch,” This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman tweeted. “Today our friends at @nbc picked up for THREE more seasons, bringing us to six.”

Check out a BTS photo of the cast above and stay tuned.

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Game of Thrones was insane last night!!

Like clockwork, GoT fans were thrown into the wild world of Westeros on Sunday, as HBO aired the fifth episode from the final season of their hit series. If you haven’t seen it, stop reading NOW.

So… we’re not totally sure why fans were so surprised Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons, lit King’s Landing up – after all, Cersei mercilessly murdered Missandei last week AND killed one of Dany’s dragons. Plus, everyone knows what happens when you provoke a Targaryen – and they provoked one anyway.

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Betweeen Dany getting revenge, The Hound fighting The Mountain, pregnant Cersei dying in the arms of her twin brother-lover, and Euron finally getting his, it was a lot to digest. See some of the most viral live tweets, plus Emilia Clarke’s wig snatched, below.

Next week is the final episode. Tune in at 9 p.m. EST on HBO… clearly, things are about to get crazy.