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MoneyBagg Yo "Time Today" assets

Source: Universal Music / Universal Music

Memphis rapper, Moneybagg Yo, released a visual for his latest single “Time Today.” Moneybagg is a great example of leveraging social media’s hysterical antics in your favor. When Netflix debuted a collection of ’90s-’00s television series, the Internet buzzed with old clips and memes. Amongst these viral memes was a spot on comparison of the “Said Sum” rapper and beloved guy best friend, William, from the popular comedy series Girlfriends. Moneybagg used the steam from these Internet comparisons to promote his new video and the Internet, once laughing at the rapper, is helping him cash out all the way to the bank with nearly 600,000 views since the release.

The Ben Marc-directed visual begins with a breaking news voiceover from a news reporter reciting one of Moneybagg Yo’s old social media captions while the rapper stares off into the distance standing in a room filled with television screens playing the news story.

Moneybagg sings in the song, “The hate be so real. The love be so fake.” He alludes to the gossip and hatred people have towards him. Moneybagg also asks his haters not to speak on his name without knowing the real truth about his life. In short, he urges the naysayers to stop hating.

The visual cuts in and out of different scenes with flashy edits. Moneybagg Yo is even pictured at a press conference addressing the comments made about him in the blogs.

“I’m looking like William but they ain’t my girlfriends,” the rapper jokingly uses the Girlfriends reference in his new single. Fans are loving Moneybagg Yo’s sense of humor in his latest video. It’s always great when celebrities can laugh at themselves and accept a social media joke opposed to taking offense to it.

Well, it looks like Moneybagg Yo had “Time Today” to play around with his fans and the people who originally called him William. It’s refreshing to see a bit of banter between a rapper and his fans. Be sure to laugh alongside Moneybagg Yo in his latest video for “Time Today” on YouTube.