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While there are a few updates on Gorilla Glue Girl, we are disheartened to say she hasn’t been able to switch her hairstyle up just yet.

About a week ago we reported on a young woman by the name of Tessica Brown who mistook Gorilla Glue, a permanent adhesive, for Gorilla Snot Gel, a hair product. Just days later, after attempting several strategies to loosen her hair — one that included rubbing alcohol, as suggested by the polyurethane adhesives company — Tessica has experienced no relief. She even went to the ER, but still no luck.

According to prior updates from TMZ, Brown is thinking about taking legal action, as the adhesive warns against using on skin, not hair. And, in the latest update, it looks like Tessica has plans to meet with a plastic surgeon in hopes of remedying the issue.

Follow Tessica on Instagram to stay updated on her story in real-time. Regardless of whose to blame, we are hoping the sweet lady hasn’t damaged her scalp permanently.