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Gorilla Glue Hairstyle

Source: Screenshot / Twitter

This hilarious TikTok video goes viral after woman uses a new product to lay her edges. The trendy got2b Glued Spiking Glue is used by people across the world for popular styles like  lacefront wigs, sleek ponytails and buns. The TikTok user, with a heavy New Orleans accent, warns followers about using another product that will ensure every hair follicle stays in place. This video is trending on Twitter and social media reacts to one terrible mistake.

The product she usually uses to slick down her braided ponytail ran out, so this TikTok user ran to the store and found Gorilla Glue instead. Now, her hair after “fifteen washes” can’t be styled any other way.

Social media users laughed at her pain, but this is honestly a horrific experience we do not wish on any woman. It did make for an entertaining day on the Twitter feed.

We have been glued, no pun intended, to our screens awaiting the next update on the Gorilla Glue fiasco. The brand’s official TikTok had a few pointers for sis and commented with a solution on her video.

The account suggested using rubbing alcohol, water in a spray bottle, a hair dryer and a comb to remove the product from her hair. Unfortunately, she let it sit on her hair for over a month and it’s likely the woman’s hair will be damaged as a result. This is a sad day for her hair, but a lesson to those watching this situation intensely. Ladies, do not use this product on your hair. Matter of fact, you should buy more of the trusted got2b glue product that can easily be removed.

Or else you might end up looking like this:

We have several questions about this entire fiasco. Where did she get the Gorilla Glue in the first place? Did she run to her neighborhood drugstore for it?

Sis, we will continue to lift you up in prayer. Bless both your beautiful hair and edges throughout this process.