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Aaliyah is trending on Twitter, because users are recalling Timbaland’s 2011 revelation that he was “in love” with 16-year-old Aaliyah and that he knew he would marry his wife “because she looked like” the late R&B singer.

“It’s time for the world to hear this. I’m going to give up a little secret,” Timbaland shares in a documentary.

The conversation has since spiraled into the discussion of how the industry over-sexualized young girls like Aaliyah during the 90s. Social media users argue who is truly to blame for the predatory behaviors of several men in the music industry.

Twitter reacts to the super producer’s comments about the late, great Aaliyah and his now wife, Monique Mosley, who previously filed for divorce on multiple occasions. Social media users rushed to compare Aaliyah and Monique’s features. Admittedly, there are a few similarities in their looks and general essence.


Since Timbaland’s comments resurfaced, other major music names like R Kelly, Dame Dash and Jay Z are being discussed and tied to pursuing an underaged Aaliyah at that time. Some people argue that Aaliyah is not innocent in her relationships with these men and declare this behavior was normalized in the 90s. While other sensible humans challenge these assumptions with claims that she was a victim in older men’s attempt at over sexualizing her.

The idea that Aaliyah was too fast and “asking for attention” from grown men in the industry is absurd. The continuous dialogue about predators grooming innocent and vulnerable children seems to be forgotten when discussing Aaliyah’s uprising and dealings with these men.

Somehow, even during Women’s History Month, holding men accountable for their actions is highly unlikely. In this instance, Timbaland never acted on his inappropriate male urges toward a young Aaliyah. It was his admittance in the statement that made most people uncomfortable and uneasy.

The truth about Aaliyah’s story is that she was not protected by any of the adults in her life on her rise to stardom.

It is an unfortunate story to retell, but it is important that our timelines are finally having the necessary conversations toward progression in the industry and in the world.