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Dubai, Uae, November 2020 African Woman Wearing A Protective Mask Withdraws Money From A Bank Card

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It seems like we keep coming back to the conversation of stimulus checks, because what was the reason Americans received a total of $2,000 in over a year during a global crisis? Not to compare our wild situation to that of other countries, but everyone else seemed to get it together for their citizens. Canada began disbursing $2,000 stimulus payments for four months to alleviate the rise in their unemployed, and obviously, beloved citizens.

Now, people are asking our nation’s new President Joe Biden to run us the stimmys. It isn’t just about the money (though it kind of is), but how these checks have the ability to stimulate the economy and thus, aiding in the survival rate of lower and middle class families amidst this looming pandemic. Nevertheless, people still find the humor in such difficult times, especially Black Twitter. What’s printing a few more bands in the grand scheme of nonexistent currency? At this point, with a number of cryptocurrencies in a new foreign, digital marketplace, money is simply whatever we make it.

The latest social media trend relates to the latest $1400 stimulus payment Americans are receiving directly into their bank accounts, as a physical check or debit card sent through the mail, that you should be sure not to unintentionally throw away. Some people are fortunate enough to have cashed out, while many are still waiting and deciphering through hilarious tweets about plans on how to allocate their newfound funds. Tweets flood our feeds with eager and hopeful stimulated Twitter users.

Social media is filled with posts about how people are willing to spend a substantial amount of money, or their recent $1400 check, to fulfill their wildest requests. All of these are worthy of laughter and good social media banter.

Here’s a thoughtfully curated list of some of our favorite ways to spend your $1400 stimulus check:

Just make sure you have a bit left over to pay your bills friends and family.

All in all, “I need my stimulus check, yeah.” Make it happen for us poor folks who have yet to see our accounts stimulated, Joe.