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FX's 'Snowfall' Season 2 premiere

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Several lingering situations came to a head in the season finale of Snowfall and while Franklin Saint tries his best to control them all, “Fight Or Flight” ends with him losing the steady grip he’s had on his family & their drug business.

Killed by CIA operative (and drug kingpin) Reed Thompson after attempting to out him to the world, reporter Irene Abe is no longer a concern — but Franklin’s father is. To understand Alton Saint’s motives for outing Reed and the CIA, viewers are shown a bit of Alton’s history as a Black Panther and father to young Franklin. Simply, Alton is no stranger to risking it all in the fight against the American government.

Ultimately, it seems Reed will allow Alton to live, so long as he travels to Cuba with Franklin’s mom Cissy and never returns. Little does the Saint Family know, Reed is on a flight right behind his whistleblower — whether or not he kills the Saint Family patriarch is unknown at this time, however.

Elsewhere, Skully has just lost the love of his life, after the death of their daughter — at the hands of Franklin and Leon, of course.  Skully is out for revenge, but gets shot when he interrupts a father-son conversation between Franklin and Alton. Changing his target, Skully goes after Franklin’s aunt at the hospital next, but succumbs to his gunshot wound as she talks him down. 

Finally, being the well-connected man he is, Franklin figures out his old flame Mel was Irene Abe’s informant. So, he pays her an unfriendly visit in Texas, where she’s started a new, sober, Franklin-free life.

At the end of the finale, Franklin’s family (or what’s left of it) wants out of his inner circle, which leaves him caught between a rock and a hard place — no pun intended. Check out some of the best reactions from fans below and if you tuned in, chime in with your thoughts on how it all went down.

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