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Natasha Bedingfield recently took the viral TikTok dance trend based upon her popular song “Unwritten” to the next level. The pop singer invited the original creators of the dance to join her in a special video performance, which she shared on her personal TikTok account.

One of the creators, @rony_boyy, shared a video of Bedingfield stepping through the group of dancers. She bursts out in an a cappella version of her song while the dance group go through each step from their popularized choreography.

Bedingfield made it a point to meet with all of the creators who made it possible for her to thrive from a record no one would have imagined carrying her a decade later. Often times, TikTok dance creators are left out from the conversation while the artist’s career blossoms due to their success on the platform. Not only did she make an appearance, she also blessed her fans with raw and breathtaking vocals.

“Who needs music when you got @natashabedingfield to sing for you🔥💯. Teaching you the dance was fun and we all had a great time in LA #ronyboyy,” the TikTok star captioned his vibrant video.

Bedingfield shared the performance video on her TikTok sending gratitude to the creators for showing her how the viral dance is done.

As we reported earlier this year, Bedingfield discovered the viral dance sensation to her song, which features a more remixed version of her top charting song and shared her own TikTok reaction video recognizing the group’s creativity. She also expresses her immense gratitude as their dance became the catalyst to a new generation of fans for the “Unwritten” singer.

“This dance to my song is brilliant – oh help! Now I gotta learn it,” she previously shared on her video.

What a moment! Shout out Natasha Bedingfield for her musical contributions and honoring the Black creators who have made her culturally relevant across the world a decade later. Watch the video below.