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Oprah Winfrey spoke with Moira Forbes at the Forbes 400 Summit in 2013, where she revealed what every person she interviews has in common. Winfrey describes what each person she interviewed over the years has asked following their on-air conversation.

Oprah says there’s a common denominator in the human experience. In her 35,000 interviews and counting over the years, each person ends the interview, in one form or another, asking “was that okay?” From sex offenders to the biggest stars in entertainment, each person begs the same question. The world-renowned media personality, producer and philanthropist used an example of speaking with five sex offenders in a challenging conversation discussing their pedophilic behaviors and her conversation with and her discussion with superstar songstress Beyoncé after one of her captivating performances. Both extremely different conversations led to the same follow-up question: “was I okay?”

Oprah Winfrey explains in her interview with Forbes during the summit that everyone wants to feel heard. Each human wonders if what they said matters in the end. It’s a shared desire to be validated that what we share with the world is meaningful.

In this five minute and thirty second clip, Oprah goes into more detail about how all of her conversations have resulted in the same response. It is the reason why the all-star interviewer can approach each conversation with the same candor to unveil the truth in each person’s story. Winfrey quickly discovered that every human is more alike than they may appear. Yes, even Beyoncé.

Watch the full conversation via Forbes below.