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Whitney Houston

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Whitney Houston sat down on The Byron Allen Show in 1990 to discuss a few of her suitors at that time. The late singer also discussed her relationship with Eddie Murphy, and spilled a bit of tea that some fans may not know about. Houston details her relationship with actor Robert De Niro, or better yet his relentless desire to have her.

Host and performer, Byron Allen opened the can of worms about Whitney and De Ni Ro’s relationship during the interview, “I heard Robert De Niro was following you all over the world.”

Whitney Houston paused for a moment to reflect on how to properly answer the question starting with how he sent her flowers in London. She later mentions, “he been on my case. He been sweating me for a little while.”

The international superstar songstress was certainly a hot commodity. She had several potential suitors throughout the entertainment industry from Eddie Murphy, Byron Allen and Robert De Niro all attempting to reach her on the same night she mentioned at Carnegie Hall when the talk show host opened up for her.

Houston also details how Robert De Niro had been chasing her to get her to be a co-star in a movie and also get closer to her. It is rumored that he sent her a huge diamond necklace amongst other expensive gifts to get her attention.

De Niro was not successful in his attempts. In author Robert Baxter’s book De Niro: A Biography, Baxter reveals De Niro’s aggressive pursuit of Whitney Houston when she was a young, rising star. He talks about sending her flowers and gifts, including a teddy bear wearing diamond earrings, to persuade her to co-star in a remake of the 1955 film Love Me or Leave Me.

According to Baxter, Whitney’s parents urged her to stiff-arm De Niro’s pursuits believing her career would have been over before it began if she involved herself with him.

He details in the biography, “Her parents with whom she lived, advised her not to get involved with a man who, besides being white, was almost twice her age. Record executive Clive Davis echoed this advice. For a young black singer such a relationship would have been suicide.”

There would have been a different Bobby and Whitney had she chosen Robert De Niro.

Watch the full interview below.