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A super, special shoutout to the best and most underrated member of the Atlanta rap trio Migos — Takeoff. Today the rapper turns 27 years old. It’s important to give Takeoff his flowers, because in our humble opinion he is a standout member.

Many might argue that Quavo is the Beyoncé of the group or that Offset has an irresistible appeal, but so often people sleep on the talent that Takeoff offers to the all-star rap group. Obviously, the Migos would not exist without all three members. However, today on Takeoff’s birthday we will honor him specifically.

Here are the top reasons Takeoff is the best and most underrated member of the Migos.

The Man Is A Wordsmith

Quavo provides a melodic hook on most of the Migos songs. Offset typically gives their songs a great verse, when he is around. While Takeoff is consistent on any verse he lends to a song or feature. For that, we thank Takeoff, the laureate.

Takeoff Stays Out the Way

You never see a ton of headlines about Takeoff, because he keeps it low-key. The rapper does a great job of minding his own Black business, and we love that for him. He, like one of his best songs, is a real-life Casper.

He Only Speaks When Necessary

Takeoff doesn’t say much in their interviews, but when he does speak it’s usually pretty impactful.

For reference, take a look at this Breakfast Club moment:

Or that time Akademics asked him why he was left off their hit song Bad and Boujee:

Best Flow & Adlibs

Just listen to his flow and support on this entire Fire in the Booth freestyle.

An Entertainer

Please just peep him singing all the words to Whitney Houston’s “Dance With Somebody.” You might miss it, but he’s a true entertainer and quite the character in the backseat.