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Nathalie Emmanuel - 77th Venice Film Festival

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In a new interview with Essence, Game of Thrones and Fast & Furious star Nathalie Emmanuel is opening up about the lack of opportunity for Black British actors across the pond. During the chat, the curly-haired beauty talked about the importance of representation, not being “embraced” by the British community, and being proud of all she’s been able to accomplish throughout her journey in America so far.

“It’s always really heartwarming when someone comes up to me and they say my daughter hated her hair, she hated her skin, she hated these things about herself and she saw you and now she loves herself. It literally makes me want to cry because I was that little girl so the fact that I can be that for someone else is lovely,” she told Essence, while holding back tears.

On the topic of Black British actors traveling to the United States to find work, Nathalie admits: “The British industry hasn’t always embraced us… so many Black mixed people like myself have come out to America because the opportunities just weren’t here for us. What’s happened is a lot of talent has been lost to the states.”

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“I kind of just took a risk, like ‘I guess I’m going to try’ and I’m really, really proud of that and the fact that the universe has decided: Nathalie, this is going to happen. It’s surreal. I pinch myself regularly,” she adds.

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