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Who remembers Demarcus from the viral “Go Demarcus” video? Fans of the viral sensation are excited to discover a documentary from YouTube account, Cats and Beans, where Maxx and his crew travel to Louisiana to learn about the origin of the viral “D Wheezy” YouTube video.

The video once uploaded in 2008 has since been taken down. Maxx and his friends were determined to uncover where the kids in the video are now. After tracking down the original Youtube account Ms. Julia Burks, they were able to find out where Demarcus, Julia and friends are today.

The original video was 4 minutes long, and the only version that exists today is a re-upload that is a screen recording of the original. It shows the original number of views at about 8 million and Julia Burks YouTube account had 25k subscribers. Burks was eventually locked out of her personal YouTube account and the video was deleted due to “community” guideline violations.

In the documentary, Maxx and his crew talk to Julia, Demarcus and Justice, who was the little girl, love interest in the video, about how the viral video came about. Demarcus is still the star of the show, explaining how he grew up being wild and acrobatic. He often performed flips similar to the one he showcased in the original video.

Demarcus and Justice also revealed that the two are actually related and that the video was simply a concept they created to debut Demarcus’ song. They discuss some of the backlash the video received for Demarcus being a bit older than his sister Justice, and some fans even called him pedophilic.

The group also go on to explain the feeling of going viral at that time seeing celebrities like Keke Palmer and Chris Brown uploaded their own videos dancing alongside the song.

The documentary video began trending on Twitter on August 8. Fans are taking to social media to express their joy after discovering the new video.

Since the documentary, the trio has released a reenactment of the original “Go Demarcus” video for their longtime fans and newcomers to enjoy.

Check out the full “Go Demarcus” documentary below: