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Gorilla Glue Hairstyle

Source: Screenshot / Twitter

Viral sensation “Gorilla Glue girl” Tessica Brown had the best rollout ever announcing her own line of haircare products on Wednesday (June 16).

Brown launched her line of hair care products after having one of the most public and heartbreaking hair experience using the extra-strong adhesive Gorilla Glue product, and posting about it on her personal social media account. The viral video resulted in over 50 million views on TikTok. She went viral in February when she revealed how her hair was stuck together solid for a month after she used Gorilla Glue’s extra-strong glue, because she ran out of her usual Got2b Glued product.

Now, the Louisiana mom has launched the product that she desperately needed all along. Her “Forever Hair” line debuted its hair products. Her website had already been selling clothing with her likeness, including an image of her which she screenshot from the viral video.

Rather than experience the torment that sent her to doctors and plastic surgeons across the US, Brown has a product her followers can use. She told TMZ her $14 “Forever Hold” hairspray product will hold a ponytail like glue without turning a seemingly painless hair experience into her literal nightmare.

Tessica was public about the damage she suffered after undergoing plastic surgery to free her from the Gorilla Glue, which led to hair loss. Fortunately, she created a solution with her $18 “Growth stimulating oil.”

Brown insists that while her products were inspired by her traumatic experience, she had no intentions of gaining Internet fame. She also promises that her products all wash out easily and without the need for surgery.

She previously told Entertainment Tonight, “who in their right mind would say, ‘Oh well, let me just spray this in my head and become famous overnight’? Never!”

According to the company’s website, there is one product coming soon. Visit the company’s website for her new haircare line Forever Hair.