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Social media users spend hours on various apps. Check out a round up of the year's most popular trends and viral moments inside. 

Following her massive viral hit “Hrs and Hrs,” Muni Long returns with a 'One Night Only' special Valentine’s Day live performance in Los Angeles. Find more details and tickets inside.

Lil Nas X becomes a viral sensation (yet again) in this random, exclusive episode of Maury. An upcoming edition of Maury’s popular daytime talk show features his most shocking paternity test reveal ever thanks to one of music’s biggest stars.

Viral sensation "Gorilla Glue girl" Tessica Brown had the best rollout ever announcing her own line of haircare products on Wednesday (June 16). 

Meet the child who we predict has successfully booked all of his future movies from a series of strikingly accurate TikTok reenactment videos. Everyone is obsessed with Brice Gonzalez after one video of him reenacting a video of a Trump supporter's comments at the Capitol goes viral.

For a consistent year or two, you had to take special consideration into your choice of footwear or you’d risk the embarrassment of someone pointing at them and yelling out, “what are those!” Once someone did that, your life was over and you were never considered fresh again. That wave of comedic callouts came thanks […]

  It seems like the viral Walmart yodeling kid isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Just days after appearing on Ellen, it was reported that Mason Ramsey would be Whethen’s guest at Coachella. A few fans even caught a video of him warming up on the flight to California. Could you imagine how annoying that flight must’ve […]

With the success of his "Why You Always Lying" Vine, Nicholas Fraser's popularity is growing fast.