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It’s tough to avoid the millions of TikTok trends and viral moments that take place on social media when it’s shared on every platform. As social media users spend 10 hours or more on various apps, more trends and viral sensations are created. Check out a round up of the most popular TikTok trends and viral moments of 2022 inside.

This year fans enjoyed dance after dance trend on TikTok, a corn kid emerged and people became quite innovative with chicken. These countless challenges live rent free in our heads. Fans use viral sensations like the “chicken salad lady” as pop culture references meant for those who spend their time scrolling aimlessly. It’s ok. We all do it.

These viral videos received thousands of views across social media platforms we love like TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Whether it is a trend, challenge or resurgence, this is where the action is happening. It’s also where many users can quickly grow their businesses and brands with a bit of time, dedication and creativity.

Many music artists are being discovered or rediscovered because of these trends and the massive use of their songs like Kate Bush’s 1985 hit song “Running Up That Hill.” Bush’s single found new notoriety this year thanks to the popular Netflix sci-fi series, “Stranger Things.” Many social media users began using the song in their TikTok videos and a new generation became fans of Kate Bush.

It’s amazing what we may learn on social media. Some social media users find pride in spreading true information about our history, tips on wellness and education on social injustices around the world. While others spread misinformation and it’s difficult for the platforms to combat it. The “sleepy chicken” trend is a prime example of the risks.

Everything has its good and bad effects. Social media is no different. So, if you have a New Year’s resolution to decrease your screen time, we encourage you to do so. Just before you go, let’s indulge in a little ridiculousness from the year one more time.

Check out a round up of 2022’s most popular TikTok trends and viral sensations below:

1. Coi Leray’s “Players”


The kids love a good dance challenge. Coi Leray’s “Players” dropped in the last quarter and has since taken over TikTok.

2. Sleepy Chicken Trend


Now, TikTok reports this trend as dangerous, but earlier this year this was all the rage. Social media users were running to the kitchen with NyQuil and chicken, because fried chicken just wasn’t enough this year. 

3. Ginuwine “Pony” Challenge


Ginuwine’s stage antics had us in a chokehold this year. The 47 year old singer showed fans he still got it with his countless viral dance moves. 

4. Low Vibrational Plates


One lady’s motivation went too far as she compared her “high vibrational” plate to her friend’s “low vibrational” plate. It sent social media in an uproar. 

5. Stand Up!


This is our motivation coach, reminding us to stand up! 

6. It’s A Chicken Salad


The chicken salad lady (Nish Godfrey) had everyone headed to 81st Deli for a chicken salad. Superior marketing!

7. Watch This


Usher’s NPR “Tiny Desk” performance became a viral sensation after he said, “Watch this,” accompanied by this memorable dance move. 

8. Corn Kid


The corn kid stole our hearts this year. He describes his love for the yellow vegetable in such a sweet and endearing way. 

9. Tortilla Challenge


Everyone joined in the crazy tortilla challenge, where you slapped your friend (opponent) with a tortilla while your mouths are filled with water. It’s ridiculous, but what challenge isn’t? 

10. Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill”


Kate Bush’s 1985 single “Running Up That Hill” was made popular again by the latest season of “Stranger Things.”

11. When I Text You Emoji Trend


This was a fun trend social media users participated in this year. People shared different emojis and what it meant when they sent it online. 

12. Yamzgiving Singing Challenge


Masego’s two year old “Yamz” song found new life this year with a singing challenge. Singers Charlie Wilson, Tank and Mario all joined in over the Thanksgiving break.