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‘RESPECT’ Star Jennifer Hudson Talks Legacy, Songwriting And Working With Marlon Wayans


Global Grind’s Sr. Content Director Janeé Bolden spoke with ‘RESPECT’ star Jennifer Hudson about her legacy, how songwriting can help a singer find his or her own voice and working with Marlon Wayans.

Jennifer Hudson on Aretha Franklin Movie 'RESPECT'

Source: IOne Digital / iOne Digital

Hudson revealed she hasn’t given much thought to her legacy, but spoke about how using her own experiences for her music has helped her find success. She noted that the same thing happened for Aretha Franklin, who made 9 albums before landing a big hit, with music she wrote and arranged. Hudson also spoke about working with Marlon Wayans, who played Franklin’s partner Ted White. She noted that he helped tremendously with carrying the load and that while White and Franklin may not have been equally yoked in real life, she and Wayans worked well together because he helped carry the weight of their scenes. Hudson also spoke about how her dogs Oscar and Grammy, may have helped her manifest real-life success.

Were you surprised to learn that Jennifer hasn’t given much thought to her legacy? How about her admitting that it can be difficult finding a partner who is equally yoked? We definitely weren’t surprised there. She’s SO successful we know it’s got to be hard for her to meet someone who can match her vocally OR in the financial department.