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Source: Derrick Salters/ / WENN

TikTok user, Mary Elizabeth Kelly, has gone viral for a video she posted impersonating different celebrities hypothetical responses to meeting her dog.

The video has caused actress Drew Barrymore to trend on Twitter. Kelly’s spot on impressions of her and Winona Ryder are impressive. The creator somehow morphs into each character as the video goes on.

Amongst the actors that appear in the video include Emma Stone, Jennifer Coolidge, Hugh Grant, Mandy Moore, Christopher Walken, Tina Fey, Sydney Sweeney, Phoebe Waller-Bridge, and Kristen Wiig.

This woman has a bright future ahead of her as an actor and quite possibly, voice actor. She nails these impressions and the video has already garnered over 100,000 likes on Twitter since it was posted on the platform on September 14.

Kelly has gained over 56k followers on TikTok impersonating celebrities as they might appear on cooking shows. She also has collected 14.3 million likes across the platform with various, comedic characters and situations she has crafted. We believe Kelly deserves her own television series after this or a special appearance on SNL for her many skilled impressions.

Watch the video that has the Internet cackling, and the reason Drew Barrymore is trending. Keep going, Mary!