Do y’all find pleasure in pain?

Social Society key art for Kendall Kyndall ALLBLK variety talk show

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Happy Monday! We’re starting the week off strong with an exclusive clip from Kendall Kyndall’s ALLBLK series “Social Society.”

Reginae Carter 22 Hot Girl Birthday Party

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This week’s episode is bodylicious! Kendall and Reginae Carter talk about the rise of BBL, Breast augmentation, fitness, body goals and more… He also speaks with Bossip’s Deputy Editor, Dani Canada on social media’s impact on body image. And finally, Kendall & Reginae try a few fitness moves with celebrity trainers mother-daughter duo, Ellen and Lana Ector.

Check out the clip below where Kendall talks to Reginae about her love of … pain?!

While we can’t say we’re surprised to hear that plastic surgery is excruciating, we were a little shocked to learn that Reginae embraces pain. We do have to applaud her for her transparency though! A lot of folks get knifed up and like to act like nothing even happened.

We love that Kendall Kyndall has his own show! He’s one of our faves on the gram — and we really got hooked on his reality tv recaps on social media. Great to see him doing big things!

New episodes of Kendall Kyndall’s “Social Society” are released every Monday on ALLBLK!