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Iman Shumpert joins the cast of Dancing With The Stars in a memorable performance. The people want to know when and where he learned how to dance like this.

The ABC series Dancing With The Stars returned with its 30th season, and it is bigger than ever before. The full cast was announced on Good Morning America on September 8. Notable names including in this season include JoJo Siwa, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore, and The Bachelor’s Matt James. Shumpert is an unexpected addition to this all-star cast, and he proved why he deserves to take it home on the season premiere last night (September 20).

Fans are surprised that Shumpert can dance like this. The former Brooklyn Nets basketball player is currently a free agent after suffering a hamstring strain. He appeared in only two games during the regular season while his team made it to the playoffs. Shumpert played for over ten years in the NBA. Now, the professional athlete is taking his skills to the dance floor. Shumpert performed an impressive number alongside his professional dance partner, Daniella Karagach.

Shumpert’s wife, Teyana Taylor, is known for her captivating dance moves. We imagine the two enjoy an occasional two-step, but Shumpert showcased a lot more than that. Shumpert shares his wife’s reaction with E! when she discovered her husband would take part in the reality series.

“Teyana laughed. She laughed but it quickly turned into her competitive spirit to say I better win,” Shumpert shared.

He also added that the couple watched the show in the past.

“It’s one of those things where we’ve seen it, we don’t watch the show like we’re not all sitting down glued to the TV watching the show. We’ve seen it and the times that she’s seen it the way she critiques it she just feels like it’s something I’d be able to win as long as I actually focus on the art form and dancing and not so much staying in my comfort zone. I’m looking to go outside my comfort zone a little bit.”

Take a look at Iman Shumpert’s debut Dancing With The Stars performance below.