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Teyana Taylor celebrated 30 years of life and announced her retirement from music. Though fans weren’t too pleased with her decision to leave music in the past, the singer assures us that there is more work to be done. Teyana recently announced

that she secured a 5-acre compound for her Aunties 360 company with business partner and co-founder of The Aunties Incorporated, Coco Gilbert.

The young businesswoman took to Instagram to share the news after what appears to be her 30th birthday celebration. She said, “Great morning world! Wow! I really can’t put it into words the feeling of setting a goal and accomplishing it. Sometimes the goals we set are scary, I’m a firm believer if your goals/ dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough! I stepped out on faith and let God do what God does best. Last night was not only a celebration into 2021 with some of the people I love most but a full circle moment of when Actions and faith Align.”


Teyana Taylor went on to share more details of her production company’s mission. “The Aunties is more than just a sisterhood, but we nurture artist like ourselves, artist that visualize the unseen, touch the untouchable, and try what most would consider unthinkable. We represent opportunity, for the best of the best had an opportunity to start. Happy New Year!” The Aunties 360 company compound will be used for production, dance, recording, prop studio, equipment and 360 green screen rooms.

Taylor was recently gifted an ARRI digital cinema camera by hubby Iman Shumpert for her birthday to further her directorial dreams. She had long before shown an interest in directing and filmmaking as she led many of her own music videos and content for her celebrity friends under the moniker “Spike Tee.” It seems she will see her vision through a new lens as her husband invests close to $100k in her next venture.

Fans may not be getting more music, but it is evident that Teyana’s vision for herself goes beyond what our eyes can see. Recently being named the Creative Director of online fashion boutique Pretty Little Thing, the fashionista is carving a lane for herself in multiple industries.

We could learn a thing or two from Teyana Taylor. She is creating a name for herself beyond music, and placing her own imprint both in front and behind the camera. Teyana is also teaching her children how to boss up with businesses of their own like Junie’s children’s fashion line. It is a joy to watch the Teyana we saw on MTV’s My Sweet 16 blossom into a powerhouse of her own. Congrats Spike Tee!