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Nicole Ari Parker is opening up about her role as Lisa Todd Wexley in Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That. As much as she can, that is.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter the famed actress and iconic beauty gushed about all the wonderful clothes. She also corrected statements from the media that claimed she’s replacing SATC O.G., Kim Cattrall. “It’s so secretive and I have to be so careful,” Parker told THR, adding “It’s going great. Just the clothes, the clothes alone are amazing.”

Those who’ve been following media reports are aware Kim Cattrall opted to no longer play the role of Samantha Jones in any future projects connected to SATC. Besides being adamant about not reprising the role, she also had a huge falling out with costar Sarah Jessica Parker. In the midst of discussing SATC‘s cult following, Nicole Ari Parker says she’s in no way replacing Kim, however.

“When it first came out that I was replacing the Samantha character — which is not true at all, so please write that — I have been yelled at, and I’ve also been attacked with love. I’ve been photographed in places I should never be photographed. The fans are so excited and over the top. I had some idea of that because I am one of those fans but I had no idea [the extent of it],” she admitted.

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Lastly, Parker says of the new characters being introduced: “Four women of color who are fully realized women with full lives,” adding “Everyone’s still having sex and it’s wonderful.”

And Just Like That premieres on HBO Max this December. Get excited.

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