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Club Quarantine with D-Nice

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If nothing else, Jacquees knows how to entertain and get the people talking — and over the weekend, he did just that with his rendition of the national anthem.

Live at Friday’s Los Angeles Lakers game, Jacquees came through to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner,” dedicating the moment to his late grandmother who would’ve been celebrating her birthday that day. As always, Jacquees’ delivery went viral. While his performance certainly wasn’t as wild as Fergie’s, those on social media feel Jacquees — the King Of R&BeEEEEeeeeEEEE — did not disappoint with the vocal shenanigans. For those who aren’t aware, Jacquees is best known for his extensive “runs.” Check out his performance below and let us know where you think he lands on the ranking of worst National Anthem performances of all time.

Not surprisingly, Jacquees got mixed reactions, with some people thinking he did well and others sharing not-so-constructive criticism. After Jacquees declared himself the King of R&B, however, people have had zero desire to hold back jokes and petty commentary.

“What’s crazy is people thinking Jacquees sounded good. It’s time we start to address the crack continuing to take over our communities,”  @callmedollar wrote after tweeting that Jacquees needed to be arrested.

“Jacquees really stood there & unlocked every unnecessary note for this song unprovoked. Chilee..,” @_loveRachel_ tweeted.

“Jacquees and Fergie hate this country,” @SillyJilly131 joked.

“Jacquees always sound like he singing through a fan,” @themasternelson noted.

And this tweet takes the cake…

One thing you have to admire about Jacquees… regardless of how anybody else feels about him, he continues to chase and elevate his dream of singing. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on the next time he and those one-of-a-kind vocals go viral.