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Jacquees started a massive social media storm when he proclaimed himself the R&B King of his generation. Over the weekend, he took to Instagram to hand himself the title.

“I just want to let everybody know that I’m the king of R&B right now,” he exclaimed. “For this generation. I understand who done came and who done did that but now it’s my time. Jacquees, the king of R&B. You just heard me say it.”

Jacquees, whose most popular song is a cover of Ella Mai, released his debut album this year. Prior to that, he’s been known for his mixtapes and cover songs that he’s dubbed as “Quemixes”. Though he’s seen some moderate success, is peaking at #28 on the Billboard’s R&B chart good enough to call himself the king?

It seems the young newcomer ruffled a few feathers with his self appointed title. One of the notably bothered was J. Holiday, who no one has heard from since “Bed” in 2007.

J. Holiday created an Instagram video to name the real kings of R&B, Michael Jackson, R. Kelly, Chris Brown, himself and some random person we’ve never seen before. But that wasn’t the best part of his video, however. The highlight was Holiday being mistaken for a valet driver — because, why not?


While J. Holiday does have some cuts under his belt and Jacquees has potential, neither one of these guys are close to being the king of R&B today. So, in an effort to try and settle the debate, here are 10 R&B artists that truly have the potential to reign supreme.


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