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Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s media-frenzied love story is headed to Hulu in an upcoming eight-part limited series, Pam & Tommy. A new trailer was released today (Jan. 5) ahead of its release next month.

The limited series tells the true story of how, early in the couple’s relationship, the two made a sex tape that no one was ever meant to see. The video was stolen by a disgruntled contractor and eventually copied thousands of times. Even though Anderson and Lee attempted to take back ownership of the tape by striking a deal with an adult film company, it ended up making for even more distribution.

In the latest trailer, actor Lily James, portrays Anderson, and Sebastian Stan, who plahys Lee, are recent newlyweds until the release of the tape sends them spiraling off the deep end. Seth Rogen co-stars as Rand Gauthier, the electrician who stole the tape to begin with. Nick Offerman co-stars as the adult film producer who partners with Gauthier to profit from the couple’s video.

Executive producer Robert Siegel shares his excitement with Variety about the upcoming Hulu limited series.

“I hope the whole world watches it, I’m incredibly proud of it,” Siegel says. “It’s fun, and it also makes you think, which my favorite art always does. If some people just take it on a level of this is a really crazy fun, nostalgic ’90s crime story, great. If it sparks debate about issues of privacy and celebrity and e-commerce or anything else it sparks, great. I just mostly want people to really enjoy it.”

Check out the trailer for Hulu’s upcoming limited series, Pam & Tommy, headed to the platform February 2, 2022.