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Source: Courtesy of REVOLT

Get excited — Soulja Boy has a new docuseries on its way, courtesy of REVOLT.

Adding to his extensive list of firsts, Big Draco is now the very first rapper to have his own show on the REVOLT app. The Life of Draco will follow the artist, producer, and entrepreneur as he navigates life, giving fans an inside look at what it’s like to walk in his shoes. Fans can also look forward to a ton of cool guest appearances.

“The vlog-style series will candidly document Soulja Boy’s daily experiences as he tours across Chicago, Nashville, Cincinnati, and Miami on the 2021 Millennium Tour,” an official press release adds. “The Life of Draco will feature a roster of exciting guest appearances from some of today’s biggest artists and cultural leaders including Justin Bieber, Bow Wow, T.I, Rich The Kid, DJ Akademiks, and more. From performing on stage, exclusive backstage access, shopping sprees, and non-stop funny moments from Soulja Boy and his crew, viewers and Hip-Hop fans alike will enjoy an exclusive look into never-before-seen moments from the platinum-selling artist’s life.”

We can’t wait to tune in — especially because Soulja took a few minutes to speak with Global Grind and he’s equally excited. Get into our quick chat below for more on how The Life of Draco came about and what we can expect.

On How Talks Got Started With REVOLT: “They came to me, said they want to work and I just said whatever we do, it gotta be big. It gotta be something nice. So, we bounced ideas and we came up with this series… The Life of Draco. Me on tour, me behind the scenes, performing — my whole life. Me and my celebrity homies, my everyday camp, my artists, my record label, everything… you get to see the ins and outs.”

On How Much Fans Will Learn About Soulja Boy As A Person:

“Y’all gonna get to learn about me. You’ll see from the moment I wake up until the moment I go to sleep… just working, put that work in. I’m the hardest working artist in the game. This is gonna showcase that… this is gonna showcase how hard I work behind-the-scenes, behind the music, the businesses… everything I got going on. It’s going to give people better insight on how hard I work.”

On Having Cameras Follow Him 24/7:

“I feel like I done got used to it now… there be so many cameras on me anyway,” Soulja said with a laugh. “If I’m out, they’re putting cameras in my face… there’s paparazzi. Man, I might as well have my own camera,” he added.

On Where He Gets His Sense Of Humor:

“I’m just funny baby! It’s just me. I just be myself!,” he joked.

Tune in on the REVOLT app Friday, January 21st at 5pm EST.

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