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Source: Courtesy of Converse / Courtesy of Converse

Tyler, the Creator turned 31 over the weekend. To celebrate the Grammy Award-winning artist, we wanted to share an important message he recently shared in an interview. Unlike some progressive people today, Tyler, the Creator has no interest in learning about NFTs and would rather spend his time experiencing the world in real life.

In a recent interview that went viral on social media, Tyler, the Creator speaks with the host about his disdain for the rise of NFTs. He says, “what the [expletive] is an nft bro?” He goes on to share what he enjoys doing instead.

“I’m really outside,” Tyler says. “I bought a mini cooper three week ago, 1991 Rover Mini Cooper, just to put a bike rack on it to drive to San Pedro to ride my bike down the hills out there cause its awesome.”

The rapper shares that he enjoys creating experiences with his friends outside the digital space, mentioning that he often drives to Carlsbad, California just for doughnuts.

“You know how far Carlsbad is just for a doughnut,” he asks. “I’m really outside living.”

Tyler also notes that he uses his free time to learn other useful skills like practicing his instruments, creating his own artwork and collaborating with friends on other home appliances.

His disinterest in the NFT world is less about its purpose but more about the end product.

“Look I bought a picture of a monkey,” he mocks NFT buyers. “The idea of an NFT, which Im not fully informed… I guess is like art or something but none of the examples I’ve seen are like beautiful art. It’s a [expletive] monkey in a Supreme hoodie.”

Happy Birthday, Tyler! Take some advice from the rapper’s two-minute rant and create memories in real life with your loved ones this year. Also, read up on NFTs to decipher whether the virtual world is for you. Watch the clip below.