Does Da Baby have a celebrity crush on Lizzo?

Lizzo and Da Baby

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In an interview this week with The Breakfast Club, Da Baby responded to DJ Envy’s suggestion that he date Lizzo saying, “Lizzo knows what time it is, I call her Lil Sexy. So when you refer to her when you speak to me call her Lil Sexy. That’s my nickname for her.”

It seems like Da Baby is being facetious but do you think these two would make a cute couple? Or would they be better off sticking to collaborating creatively?

The full interview covered a wide range of topics including his “cancellation” over the homophobic comments made at Rolling Loud, his strong relationships with Kanye West and 50 Cent, being “afraid” of DaniLeigh’s brother, and coming out with new music alongside NBA Youngboy. The North Carolina native spoke about how quarantine sat him down and gave him time to make plans for the future.

Check out the full interview below:

Da Baby revealed that he first met 50 Cent on Facetime after being introduced by XXL editor Vanessa Satten. He said he is making plans to take steps in TV and film next. He also remarked that he can appreciate taking advice from 50 Cent because he’s been through things similar to what Da Baby has been going through.

Charlamagne asked the question of whether young 50 or young T.I. were wilder than Da Baby now and the Breakfast Club hosts agreed that times were different because cameras and social media weren’t around to the same degree they are now.

Da Baby also denied having issues with gay people, claiming people altered the clip that was circulated in order to spread outrage to the public.

He says the cancellation attempt cost him $30 million.


Da Baby went on to say that he learned a lot from the situation.

What do you think about Da Baby’s interview on The Breakfast Club?

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