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Jennifer Lopez Halftime Documentary

Source: Courtesy of Netflix / Netlfix

A Jennifer Lopez documentary is headed to Netflix this Summer. Halftime offers an intimate look inside the life of Lopez recognizing her as the all-around talent she is from her performances onscreen and on stage.

Halftime will make its world premiere as the opening night film for the Tribeca Fest on June 8 and release globally on Netflix June 14. The film’s tagline says, “It’s just the beginning.”

The official film description:

Halftime offers an intimate peek behind the curtain revealing the grit and determination that makes Jennifer Lopez the icon she is, from her performances onscreen and on stages around the world, to her Super Bowl Halftime show, to the recent Presidential inauguration.  The documentary focuses on an international superstar who has inspired people for decades with her perseverance, creative brilliance, and cultural contributions.  And it’s only the beginning.  Halftime serves as the kickoff to the second half of Lopez’s life, as she lays bare her evolution as a Latina, a mother, and an artist, taking agency in her career and using her voice for a greater purpose.

The film is directed by Amanda Micheli and produced by A Nuyorican, 25/7 and MakeMake Production.

Lopez shared the news on social media by posting the movie poster with the documentary’s details. The caption reads, “It’s just the beginning. Halftime, a @Netflix Documentary about Jennifer Lopez, releasing June 14.”

Be sure to stay updated here with Lopez’s upcoming documentary Halftime headed to Tribeca Fest and Netflix in June.

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