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Rapper Jack Harlow was a trending topic again yesterday (May 11).

This is nothing new for the 24 year-old Louisville, Kentucky native who just scored his first solo #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart with the track ‘First Class.’  This time though, he wasn’t trending for a reason you might not expect.

In an interview with Hot 97, Harlow’s musical knowledge was quizzed by the show’s hosts (Ebro, Laura Stylez and Rosenberg) in a segment they call ‘White Ish Wednesday.’ They played songs that ranged from The White Stripes ‘One Nation Army’ to Lisa Stanfield’s ‘All Around the World’ to The Eagles ‘Hotel California.’ Jack seemed to be on a roll until the later stages of the segment where the hosts changed the music selection from mostly music from white artists to Black artists.


The hosts then played the likes of Maxwell, Sade and Frankie Beverly and Maze. Although he could recognize some of the tunes, Jack couldn’t necessarily name them. This continued when the hosts played ‘Angel in Disguise’ by Brandy. Not only did Jack not recognize the song or the singer’s voice, he revealed some knowledge that he didn’t know. As the hosts tried to give him hints who the artist was by saying “She had a TV show. She starred in a TV show. Her brother is the reason why a lot of people our famous you can argue. Her brother had an amazing sex tape.” Jack continued to struggle.

Jack responded by asking “Who’s Ray J‘s sister?” The hosts shared some good laughs with Harlow while giving him a brief history lesson. While it was all fun and games on the show, the story on Twitter was completely different.

Harlow began catching slander from every possible angle from Black people and fans of music in general. Some questioned how it was possible for Jack to occupy such a Black space and not know certain facts included in its history. Others pushed back on the defense that Rosenberg provided, which was the fact that Jack wasn’t even born when Brandy first came out.

Ironically enough, Jack has had an interesting week in regards to the internet. After releasing his second album, ‘Come Home the Kids Miss You,’ last week (May 6) Harlow has been the topic of plenty discussion.

He hasn’t let the negativity stop him though. On Monday (May 9), Jack announced that he would be headlining a tour that will be accompanied by the City Girls starting in early September spanning through late October.

Have you listened to Jack’s new album? How should we feel about him not knowing that Ray J and Brandy are siblings? Let us know how you feel about him and the situation in the comments.