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In case you missed the news, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcomed a baby boy to the world on May 13th in Los Angeles. While we don’t have many details about their new bundle of joy, we are here to discuss the wonders of a baby being born on Friday the 13th.

The couple’s adjusting to their new lives as first time parents. Sources told TMZ that the baby was born on May 13th, but his name has not been confirmed yet.

Over the course of Rihanna’s pregnancy, we saw her flaunting her baby bump around town and overseas. She didn’t hesitate to put on her designer pumps and enjoy dinner with her baby’s father. The last time we saw the bad gal was in Los Angeles during Mother’s Day weekend when she and Rocky had dinner at Giorgio Baldi.

The two announced they were expecting in January with a timeless NYC photoshoot, which caused an outpour of love and excitement across social media.

More recently, A$AP’s name stormed media outlets due to his latest battles with the law. That didn’t stop Rihanna from continuing to support him. She recently attended one of his live performances, cheering him on backstage just a week after the arrest.

All relationships have their ups and downs, and today we celebrate a beautiful moment for the happy couple. It’s UP!

Rihanna, a flowing Pisces, and A$AP Rocky, a gentle, fashionable Libra, created a Taurus baby boy together on Friday the 13th. Fans may worry that a baby born on Friday the 13th might have an unfortunate or unlucky life, but we can assure you that this baby will be more than loved and cared for with his two wealthy and fashionable parents.

Here’s what we know about babies being born on Friday the 13th:

The number 13 has historically been considered unlucky. In fact, some high rise buildings are developed without a 13th floor and many planes are missing a 13th row. It turns out that Friday the 13th isn’t just a myth perpetuated by children on the playground. The superstitious day dates back to biblical times.

Specifically, it references the Last Supper, which was attended by Jesus Christ and his 12 disciples. One of the disciples catastrophically betrayed him. After all, 12 disciples plus one leader equals the unlucky number 13.

Also, Jesus was crucified on a Friday no less, so it’s understandable why some people have come to believe Friday the 13th is haunted.

However, there is no definitive evidence, which proves babies born on a Friday the 13th are going to be unlucky for life. A research project conducted in 2015 dives into the employment status, salary and marital status of those born on the “unfortunate” day. It found little evidence to prove this theory.

The old wives’ tale says children born on Friday the 13th will be less fortunate. So far, though,  Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, Darius Rucker, Kat Dennings and Julia Louis-Dreyfus appear to be doing just fine. (They were all born on Friday the 13th).

Congrats are in order for Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s very fortunate baby boy!