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The Internet can’t stop talking about a mysterious pink sauce and its inaccurate nutrition labels.  The discourse around the weird homemade condiment has caused “pink sauce” to trend across social media.

TikTok creator Chef Pii is the brains behind the pink sauce phenomenon. It has since become a series of conversation and of course, memes.

The self-proclaimed chef began promoting the pink sauce in June. She released a series of videos with the sauce, trying it on different foods and displaying its captivating packaging.

The obscure sauce was priced at $20 and quickly became a TikTok craze. Chef Pii never shared how the sauce truly tastes and neither did the lucky reviewers who had the opportunity to try it for themselves. Instead, curious fans of the sauce were given cryptic messages and left wondering: What the hell is it?

TikTok users began asking questions regarding the sauce’s ingredients, wondering why the sauce’s color never remained consistent. Sometimes the sauce is light pink and other times it appears to be a darker pink shade.

It led to a post in late June where Chef Pii addressed the concerns herself and eventually revealing the ingredients. She posted a graphic outlining each of the ingredients from dragon fruit, sunflower seed oil, honey, chili and garlic.

One creator, @sseaansvv, sparked further discussion, releasing multiple videos about the pink sauce saga.

The TikTokker called out “Pink Sauce Lady” for inaccuracies in her nutritional label and how hard it was to discover the label on her website.

They also said that “there are not enough preservatives” within the sauce “to make shelf stable”, or foods that can safely stay within a pantry for at least a year without having to be cooked or refrigerated.

In the caption for his second video, Sean SVV wrote, “I’m genuinely rooting for her to obtain a license, fix the labels, correct any errors and then sell out — legally.”

Another creator, @annareportsnews, also posted a video, suggesting the serving size per container is unrealistic and denoting that the label doesn’t say the sauce needs to be refrigerated.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires manufacturers of dressing and condiments to obtain food facility registration. Standards set by the FDA include labeling, testing methodology, manufacturing practices, and scientific protocols.

In April 2022, the guidelines for nutritional fact labels on food and drink products was updated for the first time in 20 years. Serving size is amongst the updates for the label. The FDA now requires the information to be bigger and in bolder font. It also notes that the number must “better reflect the amount people typically eat and drink today”.

After these viral videos were shared across the platform and social media, Chef Pii decided to address her followers and consumers with a video captioned, “WE ARE FIXING THE ISSUES.”

We love a new, Black-owned business with a great product, and wish Chef Pii all the success. Just be sure you do it the right way, Pink Sauce Queen. Would you try it?