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2022 Summer Smash Festival

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It’s safe to say that Antonio Brown probably won’t be on a NFL roster or field this season. Ironically enough, that doesn’t mean that his presence still might not be felt.

That 7-time Pro Bowler and Super Bowl champion is making waves like he always has. While performing his new song ‘Put That Sh*t On‘ at music events across the country, AB has been debuting a new trend. As different as the finger-pointing dance looks, it’s definitely a vibe that people are starting to pick up on.

In the past few weeks, fans have been going crazy over the new dance but celebrities have taken the dance’s popularity to another level already. Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James and Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green were recently seen in Canada showing off their versions. Quavo was always seen out in the last week or so showing that he was hip also.

The place where the dance will more than likely be seen the most is where Antonio Brown used to make his living, on the football field. New Orleans Saints running back Mark Ingram busted out the move at training camp last week. One of the NFL’s biggest stars, Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson (who won the 2019 Most Valuable Player Award) stated that he “couldn’t wait to do it in regular season game.”

Even though Brown has seemingly switched lanes from sports to the music and entertainment industry, he is still soaking up all the love him and his new dance has been garnering. AB has been showing love to everyone willing to participate in the challenge by reposting their videos all over his Instagram and Twitter accounts.

If AB’s new passion is creating vibes and bringing joy to the world this way, we’re in full support! DO YO’ DANCE AB!