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FX Premiere Of "Atlanta"

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Season 4 of FX’s “Atlanta” is already in its third episode. We discover a few new unusual things in the latest episode like Paper Boi nurturing young White rappers and Earn’s riddling meeting with “D’Angelo.” Read about 10 things we learned in last week’s episode inside.

Here’s 10 things we learned in last week’s episode of “Atlanta”

1. Paper Boi Seeks Out New Ways To Make Money

The successful Atlanta asked by an older Jewish man to teach his son how to rap.

2. Earn’s Firm Is Inherently Racist & Money Hungry

The employees gathered around to learn about their new recruit. This is a White woman who pulled a gun on a Black teen who had come to her house for fundraising. After the event, she wrote an entire book detailing her guilt, and it rose to the bestsellers list. So, the Black teen subsequently sued her causing her book sales to dip. Now, they want it to go away.

3. “Atlanta’s” Writers Are Obviously Obsessed With D’Angelo

Earn suggests that they should consider other signees instead of trying to save this racist one. His boss dodges his recommendation and sarcastically asks if he can bring someone like D’Angelo or Banksy. Earn is eager and quite assured that he can bring in D’Angelo.

4. The Definition of Y.W.A.

Paper Boi meets an OG rapper in the studio with for his latest assignment with the aspiring Jewish teen rapper. The OG invites him to a special meeting for rappers like Paper Boi. When Paper Boi arrives, there’s an equation on the board which reads ‘YWA + Grammys = $$$.’

YWA stands for a young white avatar like the kids Paper Boi was meant to mentor from the studio.

5. Paper Boi’s A Masterful Mentor

After being screwed over by the OG rapper who introduced him to the term YWA, Paper Boi finds his very own aspiring, White rapper to groom. Obviously, he’s pretty good at his new job as the young yodeler climbed up the charts and found its way to Grammys.

6. Mysterious Rally’s In Atlanta

D’Angelo is housed in a mysterious Rallys in Atlanta. If you understand fast food culture in the South, you know that Atlanta has no such thing. Atlanta has Checkers (which is the same thing with a different name, which no one questions but is indeed weird).Earn awaits his meeting with D’Angelo in the strange back “office” at Rallys.

7. We Are All D’Angelo

After waiting for many hours in the waiting room, Earn gets his biggest realization to date and utters the words, “We are D’Angelo.” He then requested to “experience.” The man opened a portal where Earn reaches another room with an artist singing a soulful song. But it is definitely not the real D’Angelo. Instead, the sentiment remains that “we are all D’Angelo.”

8. Earn Didn’t Sign Anyone New

Earn never met D’Angelo that day. He actually left with nothing at all.

9. Born to Die

Though drugs are a real issue in the music industry and the world at large, Paper Boi’s artist received a posthumous award after his sudden death caused by an overdose. When his girlfriend and baby’s mother accepted the award, she ironically commented “he was born to die.”

10. Grammys aren’t for Black Men

The episode pretty much sums up the music industry and how the accolades are never given to the one’s who are responsible for it. Yikes!

Be sure to catch the next episode of “Atlanta” tonight (Sep. 29) on FX.