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Atlanta FX Season 2

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Atlanta’s” final season debuted last Thursday (Sep. 15) and it’s already getting weirder. The FX series‘ fourth and final season took the crew back to where it all began – in the streets of Atlanta – but things are a lot different now. Earn and the gang have had their fair share of strange moments, so we created a list of our favorites throughout the years. 

The beloved comedy-drama series first aired on September 6, 2016 to FX. Fans have since eagerly followed up and coming rapper Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles (Brian Tyree Henry), his cousin Earn (Donald Glover), who manages him, and their unusual crew of friends on their journey through real life, street life and their rap life.

The official show description:

Atlanta is one of the top cities for young rappers looking to make a name for themselves in the business. Among those up-and-comers is Alfred Miles, a hot new artist who is trying to understand the line between real life and street life. He is managed by his cousin, Earn, who gets caught up in the local rap scene and his cousin’s career after returning home to the ATL. Earn does whatever he can to try to get Alfred’s career to the next level. Darius, the rapper’s right-hand man and visionary, is also in Alfred’s entourage. When Earn isn’t busy managing his cousin’s career, he spends much of his time with best friend Vanessa, who is also the mother of his daughter.

Each season the creators take it one step further. This season proves that the series creators hope that fans can never predict what might happen next. Between Glover’s impressive acting skills throughout Earn’s much-needed therapy sessions to he and Van (Zazie Beatz) getting stopped by every ex in Atlantic Station, the show has no bounds to its creativity. Is it comedy? Is it drama? Is it a thriller? No one can really put a name to the outlandishness that is capable of happening in this show. We do know that they have their unusual lane carved out perfectly.

It made us take a look back at all of their ridiculously weird episodes over the years. Be sure to catch the latest episodes of “Atlanta” premiering Thursdays on FX and streaming the following day on Hulu.

Check out a gallery of “Atlanta’s” strangest episodes (so far) below:

1. Teddy Perkins


Teddy Perkins is by far one of the strangest elements to the show. In Season 2, we were introduced to Mr. Perkins and there are a number of theories that explain his inclusion perusing the Internet. We will let you guys take a deep dive but for now, here’s a short introductory scene. 

2. Florida Man


Season 2 was when Glover and the “Atlanta” team unleashed the strangest comedy on its fans. Most fans stayed for the weirdness, because most of it is relatable. Florida man is the perfect example, because it stems from a place of reality. We all know about Florida, man. 

3. Bostrom’s Simulation


Darius’ peculiar conversations deserve a list of their own. Here’s one from the “Drake Party” episode in Robbin’ Season 2. We still don’t know what he’s talking about, but it gets the people going.

4. Van’s Baguette Attack


There’s an opportunity for everyone to be weird on “Atlanta,” including Van. She took her talents to Europe and both found and lost herself at the same time. This baguette attack definitely caught us by surprise. 

5. Paper Boi Meets Lorraine


No matter how many times we watch this episode, we are still perplexed. This was a strange favorite for sure. 

6. Van Was On One


Van sleeping with Alexander Skarsgard is not what we could have predicted for Season 3, but it was happening. 

7. Spicy Curry Eggs


This episode was perfectly unusual. This scene in particular was hilarious. The man couldn’t fathom how his son digested that spice with their bland palettes. 

8. Where’s the Phone?


Not the super fan stealing the phone. He went through such great lengths for the episode to end the way it did. This moment had to be included in the top 10 weirdest episodes. 

9. Are We Racist?


This episode was affirming for Black people, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t absoltuely absurd and strange. In true “Atlanta” fashion, one White family questions whether or not they are racist. 

10. White Guilt


One of “Atlanta’s” greatest capabilities is taking things to the extreme. The conversation of White guilt began during a time of reflection for this country, when we were all forced to stay home during the height of coronavirus. There’s a lot of White guilt still being tossed around, and this episode just takes it there.