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It’s officially cozy season. If you are looking for new shows to watch this Fall, we have the perfect list for you. Check out our round up of television shows to watch this Fall inside.

The Fall season brings back some of our favorite TV shows like FX’s Atlanta for its series finale or ABC’s beloved Abbott Elementary. There are a ton of shows returning and even brand new series to get into. From comedy, drama and thriller TV series, our Fall What to Watch list has something for everyone.

Networks are pushing their Fall content early with most series debuting at the end of the month or next month even. We are excited to continue watching fantasy shows like HBO’s House of the Dragon and newly added comedy series like Netflix’s Mo. They both offer refreshing elements to television that we have never seen before. Many of the series we listed in our What to Watch list will provide a unique perspective that keeps fans engaged throughout the season and online, sharing with their peers.

Many networks like Hulu and Onyx Collective are pushing the envelope when it comes to celebrating underrepresented voices. Hulu’s newly added comedy This Fool is listed on our Fall What to Watch list for that reason. It’s brilliantly written about a community that so often falls under the radar.

Don’t miss out on these hit shows this Fall.

Check out our Fall What to Watch list below:

1. ‘Atlanta’

Source:Atlanta FX

Check out the series finale of FX’s ‘Atlanta’ tomorrow (Sep. 15). 

2. ‘Abbott Elementary’


Our favorite elementary school returns with Season 2 on Wednesday, September 21st at 9/8c on ABC. Streaming will be available on Hulu the following day. 



3. ‘Shantaram’

Source:AppleTV Plus

Shantaram is an upcoming drama thriller television series created by Eric Warren Singer and Steve Lightfoot based on the novel of the same name by Gregory David Roberts. It debuts on Apple TV+ on October 14th. 

4. ‘Ramy’


Season 3 of Hulu’s Ramy is on the way. It returns on September 30th. 

5. ‘Mo’


Check out the debut season of ‘Mo’ on Netflix. It debuted to the streaming platform back in August 2022. 

6. ‘Vampire Academy’


A new vampire season is headed to Peacock titled Vampire Academy. The chilling series debuts tomorrow, September 15th. 

7. ‘Making Black America: Through the Grapevine’


This new chronicles organizations made by Black people. It debuts on PBS on Oct. 4th.

8. ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’


Season 5 of Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale debuted today (Sep. 14th).

9. ‘The Redeem Team’


Netflix’s ‘The Redeem Team’ documentary premieres Oct. 7. 

10. ‘House of the Dragon’


HBO’s House of the Dragon has already been renewed for Season 2. Check out the fantasy series currently streaming on HBO Max. 

11. ‘Entergalactic’


Netflix’s Entergalactic debuts on the platform Sep. 30th.

12. ‘Raising Kanan’


Season 2 of Starz hit show Raising Kanan is out now. 

13. ‘Reasonable Doubt’


Hulu and Onyx Collective’s new drama series Reasonable Doubt debuts September 27th. 

14. ‘Jungle’

Prime Video Jungle Source:Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video’s Jungle debuts on September 30th.

15. ‘Gutsy’


Apple TV+’s upcoming series hosted by Hilary and Chelsea Clinton ‘Gutsy’ is streaming now. 

16. ‘Mike’


Mike is currently streaming on Hulu. 

17. ‘This Fool’


Hulu’s new comedy This Fool debuted in August 2022. 

18. ‘The Patient’


FX’s The Patient is out now and streaming on Hulu. 

19. ‘The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power’


Amazon Prime Video’s The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power is doing numbers. It’s currently available to watch on the platform. 

20. ‘Reboot’


Hulu’s Reboot debuts September 20th.