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Prime Video debuts the official trailer and first look photos from its new Hip Hop series Jungle, debuting this month. 

Jungle follows the connected lives of several strangers, each facing their own struggle, viewed through the lens of UK rap and drill music, and giving a perspective on an often unseen world. A world often misunderstood, where one law governs everything and only the strongest will survive. As the strangers’ worlds begin to unravel around them, they come to the realization that every action, no matter how small, has a consequence.

The series is told with a unique blend of music and dialogue, working alongside creatively ambitious cinematography and design to create a tilted, timeless version of today’s London. It hopes to bring to life a compelling and complex narrative.

The series will feature some of the UK’s top drill and UK rap artists and looks to capture a very different side to an often-told story. Portraying the city through compelling visuals, whilst detailing the many perils and dangers involved in day to day life in Inner City London and ultimately conveying a bigger message about the true value of life.

Jungle is a six-part series from creators and executive producers Junior Okoli and Chas Appeti and produced by Nothing Lost.

Okoli and Appeti are the two masterminds behind Nothing Lost with a strong background in cinematography, film, music and visual arts.

Appeti is a notable and respected music video director. Okoli is a passionate director, writer and storyteller. The two met five years ago and immediately sparked their dynamic friendship and now, professional partnership. Earlier this year, Chas and Junior were jointly selected for inclusion in Variety’s 2022 edition of the “10 Europeans to Watch” list. They share a similar background, growing up on the “wrong side” of inner-city London and Kent.

Their unique perspective is helping shape the beautiful cinematic landscape in the world of Jungle.

Prime Video’s Jungle is headed to the streaming platform September 30th.

Be sure to watch the trailer below:

Check out a few first-look photos below:

1. Welcome to the Jungle

Prime Video Jungle Source:Prime Video

2. Quite Cinematic

Prime Video Jungle Source:Prime Video

3. The Stills Tell A Story

Prime Video Jungle Source:Prime Video

4. We’re Excited to See

Prime Video Jungle Source:Prime Video

5. UK Drill Wave

Prime Video Jungle Source:Prime Video

6. Look At The Shots

Prime Video Jungle Source:Prime Video

7. It Gets Real in the Jungle

Prime Video Jungle Source:Prime Video

8. Check It Out This Fall

Prime Video Jungle Source:Prime Video

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