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Joanne The Scammer Performs At "Something Special"

Source: Santiago Felipe / Getty

Social media famed Joanne the Scammer makes her return to social media with New York contemporary designer brand Brandon Blackwood. Our favorite scammer is trending on Twitter, and fans couldn’t be happier to reminisce on the simpler times.

Actor and comedian Branden Miller is back as his beloved social media personality Joanne the Scammer. She has a familiar energy with her signature blonde bob with the bayang. Only, this time Joanne sports a long black fur with “Stop Playing With Me” embossed in red lettering.

Brandon Blackwood made the right choice bringing Miller to TikTok. It seems like he took several months away from social media, and fans comment that he looks healthy.

The New York contemporary designer accessory and bag brand has already crafted a lane with their notable boxy bags in an array of prints and textures. In their latest social media promotion, we see the heels of Joanne the Scammer clacking across the screen as she sways her long black fur.

She makes a swift turn toward the camera to say, “This Caucasian b*tch is back,” with a shoulder shrug to match. It is everything we weren’t expecting on a Friday afternoon.

Now, fans are reminiscing on the good days when Joanne the Scammer was in her prime on social media, providing us with laughter and entertainment.

Be sure to support the Black owned designer brand here.

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